OnSafety™ Crash Converter

We help states load Crash Report data from their local law enforcement agencies—no matter how many different vendors they’re using.

Introducing ITIS’ new OnSafety™ Crash Converter service

The Crash Converter processes any digitally produced crash report (PDF format) and automatically converts the crash data into a standard XML or JSON format.

ITIS Corp's OnSafety Crash Convert crash record import diagram

In most states, law enforcement agencies produce a state-specified form for their crash reports—but each agency chooses their own report vendor and the state ends up spending valuable resources manually entering crash data that was already in an electronic format to begin with…

OnSafety™ Crash Converter saves you from this unnecessary step!

  • Eliminates the need for error-prone manual crash data entry
  • Loads ALL of the data elements available on your crash forms
  • Securely handles personally identifying information
  • Significantly reduces wait times for crash data availability in the state repository

Imagine what you can do with accurate, timely data to support your Safety Analytics efforts!

Find out how Crash Converter can help your state streamline its data entry processes.

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