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A comprehensive analysis and reporting engine built for Department of Transportation safety professionals.

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Confidently make data-driven decisions with the most comprehensive Safety engine in the industry

Empower your team to explore, understand, and make informed decisions with all of your crash-related data, using a single integrated safety management system.

No Hassle Licensing

The OnSafety™ Safety Portal is a cloud-based Enterprise system, available with statewide licenses, and 15+ integrated modules that access, cleanse, analyze, and display safety-related data for a complete Safety solution.

Full Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Implementation

Reduce the frequency and severity of crashes with OnSafety™ Safety Portal’s included Safety Performance Functions (SPF’s), or plug in your own.

Automated Crash Geolocation

Optional dynamic location of crash instances is possible for three referencing types: latitude and longitude, milepost, and intersection offset. The OnSafety™ Geolocator locates crashes with accuracies approaching 100%.

Make Timely, Informed Traffic Safety Decisions

The OnSafety™ Portal is the most comprehensive safety analysis and decision-support system available in the industry. It supports the full range of activities and capabilities required to help State and local highway agencies make data-driven decisions that reduce the frequency and severity of crashes on public roadways.

Easily Access, Analyze, and Display Your Safety Data

The OnSafety™ Safety Portal is cloud-hosted and browser-based, with a flexible, extensible architecture—it is adaptable and ready to meet changing state and federal Safety reporting requirements. Our safety portal boasts a single integrated framework, that hosts an array of related Safety solutions—all designed with the DOT Safety user’s needs in mind.

Making traffic safety resource decisions doesn’t have to be hard.

As recommended by the Federal Highway Association (FHWA) and the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the OnSafety™ Safety Portal uses the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) predictive method to better quantify the frequency and severity of crashes expected to occur without intervention, as well as quantifying expected future crashes for consideration in road planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

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