ITIS OnSafety Safety Portal Mapviews 3D crash concentrations

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Rapidly Interrogate Your Safety Data and See the Answer on an Interactive Map

OnSafety™ Mapviews uses a two‐stage query technique so Safety users can rapidly answer questions like:

“Where are all the locations in this county, with run‐off‐the‐road crashes, on roads with narrow shoulders, and severe horizontal curves”.

Dynamic Data Displays

OnSafety™ Mapviews is a sophisticated safety‐oriented mapping tool. It provides dynamic displays of safety data based upon an applied filter or query of crash data first, followed by roadway data second.

Users can filter crash data on any one or more crash attributes, then if desired, filter on any one or more roadway attributes to generate meaningful map displays.

ITIS OnSafety Safety Portal Mapviews Datagrid

Mapviews provides results of dynamic queries on both crash data and roadway data, meaning both the crashes which result from the query, and the corresponding roadways can be displayed.

ITIS OnSafety Safety Portal Mapviews Hotspot analysis

OnSafety™ Mapviews takes a hierarchical approach to generating displays, starting with simple filter results sets, then moving to combined results, then finding concentrations within results.

Visualizations include points, vectors, clustering, perspective view (extrudes buildings to simulated 3‐D view), heat maps, and pin maps.

Network Screening

OnSafety™ Mapviews also facilitates network screening. The current default screening method uses a sliding window and peak search method. However, the application is flexible and adaptable to other network screening methods.

ITIS OnSafety Safety Portal Mapviews Network Screening

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