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View your network of roads and intersections in default or satellite view; filter by county, ownership, roadway name, or ID number.

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Quickly finding and selecting intersections and segments in your LRS has never been easier.

Search for study locations by panning the map, or by using standard query operators and type-ahead filters in the data grid; limit results by county, city, jurisdiction, route mileage, or latitude & longitude.

ITIS OnSafety Safety Portal Road & Intersection Locator App filtering screenshot

A key element of the Safety Portal’s integrated design is Locator’s architecture.

Locator is organized in a “spoke and hub” layout. Each spoke contains listeners and triggers that react any time a location is selected. The hub receives location information and distributes it to the various spokes (other applications within the Safety Portal).

When a location is set with Locator a number of actions automatically occur behind the scenes:

  • A filter is created for the location
  • A default frequency is created
  • A default crosstab is created
  • A default comparison is run
  • Default Safety reports are run
  • A collision diagram is created
  • A straight line diagram is created


Safety Portal Locator Architecture Diagram