OnSafety™ Safety Treatment Manager

OnSafety Safety Transportation Data Visualization and Comparision Tools


Make Better Use of Your Resources: Focus Your Attention on Specific Areas of Interest

ITIS’ OnSafety™ Safety Treatment Manager (STM) helps state and local agencies focus resources on the locations that most need attention, helping to optimize spending on roadway safety.

With the OnSafety™ STM, you can:

Manage the list of roadway locations that deserve attention.

  • These locations may be identified through safety studies, reported by the public, etc.
  • Locations of interest can be prioritized by crash numbers (counts, severities, rates), or by risk, and/or with the Highway Safety Manual predictive method.

Identify appropriate safety counter-measures to consider for each location.

  • Counter-measure selection is supported with information on relative severity and types of crashes occurring, in addition to other information available about the location.
  • Your agency’s approved list of counter-measures, with their life cycle costs and crash modification factors, makes selection easy.
  • Immediate feedback is given on the cost effectiveness of each potential counter-measure.

Manage the list of recommended safety treatments for your network.

  • Prioritize safety treatments by cost effectiveness (cost/benefit).
  • Keep proposed treatments visible through project selection and deployment.
  • Amass information that will support treatment and program effectiveness.

Figure 1: Safety Locations, Crash Data, and Treatment Locations

OnSafety™ STM is centered around the management, organization, manipulation, analysis & presentation of:

  • Crash Locations
  • Treatment Locations
  • Treatment Library

OnSafety™ STM is fully data-driven; the information it integrates for safety treatment management is limited only by the data you have available.

Users are able to perform an analysis of treatment costs from a site perspective, or treatment perspective.

The Crash Location Dashboard acts as a central hub for performing site economic analysis.

The Treatment Location Dashboard acts as a central hub for performing site economic analysis.  It is used to locate treatments, compute benefit to cost for treatments applied to the site, and track status of the treatment.

Figure 2: Safety Locations, Treatment Locations, and Treatment Library

The Crash Locations Summary provides a listing of :

  • Location
  • Facility type (road type)
  • Safety index scores
  • Treatment counts
  • Location status

Crash location includes the following features:

  • Import/add/edit crash locations
  • View location crash statistics
  • Calculate safety index scores
  • View roadway statistics
  • View site map
  • Track location status
  • Track location assignment/approval

Figure 3: Safety Location Dashboard

Treatment Locations Summary provides a listing of:

  • Location
  • Benefit to cost
  • Treatment
  • Treatment status

Treatment location includes the following features:

  • Add/edit treatment locations
  • Apply treatment to location and calculate benefit to costs
  • Track treatment status
  • Track treatment assignment/approval

Figure 4: Treatment Location Dashboard

Treatment Library summary provides a listing of: 

  • Treatment name
  • Description
  • CMF notes
  • CMF
  • Lifecycle cost
  • Cost notes
  • Crash type
  • Location type
  • Status

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