OnSafety™ Safety Data Warehouse

A Flexible Framework for Your Business Intelligence Tools

The OnSafety™ Data Warehouse application provides the underlying framework for performing Business Intelligence analysis on safety-related data. The package comes complete with a:

  • Crash data repository
  • Analytical data store
  • ETL processor

The OnSafety™ Safety Data Warehouse Manages Crash Data Remotely, but Allows for Local Editing

Crash Data Repository

The crash data repository is a database application and repository for managing crash data in a remote fashion. The data repository provides crash record editing through a graphic user interface and can be configured to be updated from a foreign source with local editing. The local editing can be configured updates either “local copy only” or “commit to master” updates. The repository is preconfigured to be approximately 98% MMUCC compliant. The repository can be tailored to local needs.

Analytical Data Store

The analytical data warehouse data store provides a “flattened” model of the raw crash data repository for use in analytical processing.  The analytical data store comes preconfigured to match up to the raw data store, but can be tailored to local needs.

CARE Data Store Synchronicity

The analytical data store comes synchronized to the CARE Data Store and can provide integrated reporting for the Open CARE software.

Oracle BI Integration

The analytical data store is pre-configured to work with Oracle’s Business Intelligence software, such that the OBIEE RPD file is preconfigured to work with the analytical data store.

ETL Processing Engine

OnSafety™ Data Warehouse includes the OnSafety ETL/Auto ETL processing software for  building and maintaining the analytical data store. The ETL software provides user with the ability to extend or expand the data warehouse to other data warehouse tables and other data sources.

The OnSafety™ Data Warehouse provides an analytical store for:

  • Crash
  • Person
  • Driver-Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Roadway Characteristics

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