The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector

Rapidly Extract and Transform Your Transportation Data

The OnSafety™ Extract Transform Load (ETL) application provides Extract-Transform-Load capabilities for the entire OnSafety™ suite. It provides overall configuration, loading, and scheduling for both the OnSafety™ Data Warehouse, as well as the OnSafety™ CARE Datasets. ETL extracts from various data stores such as raw crash data, traffic volume, pavement information, roadway geometrics, and other roadway characteristics and transforms this information into Data Warehouse tables and CARE Datasets.

Major components to the OnSafety™ ETL application include the ETL Configuration Tool and the Auto ETL tool. The ETL Configuration Tool allows for:

  • Assembly of the variables and filters for each dataset or table
  • Extraction tools to extract data using simple column references, SQL queries, or C# programs
  • Business rules for assignment, aggregation, or synthesis of data
  • Loading  tools for loading and testing datasets

The AutoETL tool provides the ability to:

  • Chain dataset / data warehouse table creation processes together
  • Assign recurring schedules to datasets creation chains

The OnSafety™ ETL solution provides a powerful and extensible capability for creation of analytical data stores for comprehensive safety needs. The solution comes preconfigured with a huge library of safety variables to quickly jump start the process, but can also be tailored to specific needs of any individual state.

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