OnSafety™ Crash Diagrams

Quickly Create Collision Diagrams for Roadway Intersections

The OnSafety™ Crash Diagrams application  is a tool for diagramming crashes directly from your crash data.

The Crash Diagrams software allows users to quickly create collision diagrams for roadway intersections. Users can easily navigate to a roadway intersection by entering street and cross-street info, or by navigating to a location using a map tool.

The Crash Diagrams provides two views of crash data:

  1. An aggregated grid-based view of crashes by crash type
  2. A crash view of individual crashes at their reported crash location.

The Crash Diagrams application provides intersection symbols which change based upon the number crashes appearing at the intersection. The intersection symbols make it very easy to navigate to suspect locations. The solution contains a library of more than 150 predefined crash types available for use or modification.

ITIS has developed an “IT-Friendly” solution (based on Oracle technology) for generating collision diagrams from source crash data.

The Collision Diagram Solution can easily be incorporated with standard internal web applications; it is based on Oracle APEX and PL/SQL technology.

Software can be easily maintained internally, because it is based on technology that is typically readily available within Information Technology Divisions of highway agencies.

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