The OnSafety™ CARE Analyst Application

Display Rapid Summaries of your Transportation Data

The OnSafety™ CARE Analyst application contains a suite of technical data-visualization and analysis widgets. All of the visualization and analysis widgets are contained within a single web application framework. The CARE Analyst application is fully integrated with the Internet-based OnSafety™ Web CARE Viewer component.

CARE allows agencies to combine several sources of pertinent data into a single rapid-access, read-only data warehouse. Once appropriate datasets have been extracted from the warehouse, users have the ability to perform a number of complex statistical analyses including:

  • Frequency distributions
  • Cross tabulations
  • Maximum gain calculations
  • Evaluations of over-and-under representations
  • Comparisons and correlations
  • Strip-maps and hot spot determinations

The OnSafety™ CARE Analyst Application is Integrated with GIS, but does Not Require Users to Be GIS Experts

This solution has a proven success record of combining and comparing datasets for primary crash records, roadway features, traffic counts, LRS locations, and other smaller data sets.

Analysis functions include:

  • Mapping – Integrates spatial and location data with a number of web-based mapping systems (Google, Yahoo, Virtual Earth, etc.)
  • Graphing/Charting – Visualize summary data in bar charts, pie charts, tables, and others
  • Frequency Analysis – Select any variable and return the frequency of each data value
  • Cross-Tabulations – Combine any two variables and return the data frequencies between the two

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