ITIS OnSafety Safety Portal Incident GeoLocator System

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OnSafetyIncident GeoLocation System

On-Site Map-Based Reporting!

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Save time, simplify workflows, improve results.

With ITIS’ OnSafety™ Incident GeoLocator your department can reliably get 100% accurate crash locations from your officer’s crash reports!

A Cloud-based Application that connects directly to your existing crash reporting system.

Implementation isn’t complicated.

The OnSafety™ Incident GeoLocation System uses standard database technologies. Calculated coordinates, route & milepost positions, intersection & offset positions, and more, are sent to the Crash Reporting system in standard JSON format.

ITIS OnSafety Safety Portal Incident GeoLocator System Crash Type Selection

Automatically fills in crash location and crash-type details with just a few clicks.

Features an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Designed for use by law-enforcement officers, ambulance drivers, and EMTs. Minimal clicks are required to move through the reporting process.

Automatically fill incident reports with accurate locations and crash-type details. Press a single button to launch the GeoLocator. An image-based map opens to the crash location. When the window closes, 12-15 crash attributes are automatically populated in the Crash Reporting software.

Flexible. The OnSafety™ Incident GeoLocator is available as a standalone application, or as an integrated module in our powerful OnSafety™ suite of analytics and visualization tools.

ITIS OnSafety Safety Portal Incident GeoLocator System

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