The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector

On Roads by ITIS Corporation

The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector (RDC) software is a low-cost mobile data collection system designed to assist State Departments of Transportation and Local Public Works Agencies with collecting roadway-related data for Federal reporting and inventory requirements, in the most efficient manner.

OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector is specifically designed to capture data for:

  • Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) reporting
  • Gas-tax roadway inventory
  • Roadway asset inventories

The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector is MOBILE

The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector solution is mobile, allowing for in-vehicle and on-site data capture. The Roadway Data Collector can be configured to work with a physical keyboard, or with the conveinient built-in virtual keypad. Interface design and data entry methods have been optimized for mobile use; customized key assignments are supported and most inventory entries require only a two keystroke input.

The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector is SMART

The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector is smart; when run in “connected” mode, RDC works with online web services to provide auto-population of data fields, including street names, locales, dates, times, etc. RDC can also be configured with enterprise systems to auto-send work orders and maintenance requests.

The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector is LOW-COST

The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector is a flexible, affordable inventory solution. It extends even lower-priced GPS technology, enabling accurate location data capture. The RDC system can be fully integrated with existing external or enterprise GIS systems for HPMS and Road Inventory reporting. A low-cost configuration of the RDC system can be operated using a simple laptop or netbook, and an inexpensive USB GPS device; RDC can also be configured to work with the highest precision GPS units.

The GPS Control

The RDC software features a GPS control that will connect to any standard GPS receiver with NMEA output. The control includes a satellite viewer used to identify available GPS satellites and communicate their respective signal strengths. The GPS control also provides a graph of positional dilution of precision (PDOP) values, and provides warning lights and warning bells if changes in the GPS positional accuracies occur.

The Distance Control

The distance control tool enables users to accurately measure the distance between points or features by stopping/starting the GPS device; it includes the ability to measure slope distance and curve distance to provide accurate distance measures. The distance tool works well for both measurement or for layout, enabling the user to easily “dial-in” milepost measures. The distance control tool can provide sub-second updates in between GPS readings to provide near-continuous data readouts.

The Keypad Control

The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector allows users to collect data items using a minimal number of keystrokes. The keypad control allows configuration of a virtual on-screen keypad, a physical external keypad, or computer keyboard.  It is designed to enter most feature/attribute combinations using just two (2) keystrokes.

Collecting, Adding, and Editing Routes and Features

The RDC software offers many benefits to departments of transportation, safety, and public works. Perhaps its most valuable benefit is that it allows customers to deploy a single software framework to complete all required roadway data collection activities. The OnRoads™ Roadway Data Collector allows users to audit, add, edit, or delete both new and existing roadway data on the fly, by passing information to and from enterprise data management systems. The RDC system supports operations at all levels of the organization, from field collection of maintenance work orders, to planning-level data.

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