Enterprise LRS and GIS Development & Implementation

Linear and Spatial Data Modeling

A cornerstone for many client engagements is our fundamental understanding of how computer systems can model land, roads, water, or other entities that have geography, or space. ITIS Corporation employs programmers, analysts and systems architects, many of whom have used and developed spatially referenced data and applications that help organizations model and manage critical infrastructure and assets. These systems are GIS applications that rely heavily on linear referencing systems (LRS) for managing highways, railroads, utilities, pipelines, and the corridors in which they occur. ITIS provides clients with GIS and LRS design, architecture, and system implementation for visualizing and analyzing critical assets such as:

  • Roadway and Railway Infrastructures
  • Transit Systems
  • Land and Right-of-Way Systems
  • Public Utilities Infrastructure

ITIS provides additional value to those organizations with a constantly changing infrastructure network, or with multiple network representations (e.g. roads within a street network, pipelines within a transmission system, water distribution systems). Our experience with Multi Level LRS (or MLLRS) affords our clients multiple options in managing temporal changes within map and linear data models and applications, retaining the ability to use historic references for current locations.

Spatial Technology

ITIS staff has employed a variety of tools to solve client needs; we have acquired considerable experience with the use and maintenance of the following:

  • Object Relational Spatial Databases (Oracle Spatial, GeoMedia, ESRI SDE, ESRI GeoDatabase)
  • Thick Client COTS GIS (ESRI, Intergraph, MapInfo)
  • Thin Client COTS Tools (Oracle, Intergraph, ESRI)
  • Open Systems and Standards for GIS and Mapping (GML, WMS, WFS, WFS-T, SVG)
  • Traditional CAD for mapping, surveying, and civil engineering
  • RDBMS/SQL: MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Development Frameworks, J2EE, VB/.net, AJAX, C#

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