ITIS Corporation has been awarded a contract by the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WyDOT), to develop an integrated web-based, cloud-hosted Traffic Safety Portal.

Problem Description

Too many traffic fatalities and serious injuries occur on Wyoming roadways; in fact, an increase in incidences has been reported over the past two years. To reverse this trend, WyDOT determined it is necessary to increase the quality and accessibility of safety-related information provided to key decision makers.

Stakeholder Identification

Safety Data is used by a variety of stakeholders, including WyDOT Safety Engineers, Law Enforcement agencies, Education providers, Emergency Medical Services professionals, and other external Safety partners.

Solution Selection

Traffic Safety data is used to identify the most important safety measures and most effective treatments available to meet Federal and State mandates to reduce the frequency and severity of traffic accidents on Wyoming’s public roadways, including highways, county roads, and city streets. ITIS Corporation has provided WyDOT with a state-of-the-art solution, known as the OnSafety™ Portal, which consolidates the State’s safety related data into a single secure, web-based, and cloud-hosted Traffic Safety Portal. The OnSafety™ Portal assimilates various applications that integrate traffic records from multiple source databases, including crash records, GIS/LRS data, roadway conditions and characteristics, roadway hardware characteristics, and other environmental data. WyDOT’s customized installation of the OnSafety™ Portal solution provides users with a collection of robust, easy-to-use analysis, scoring, reporting, and presentation tools that are configurable to specific user-types and user profiles; it is a multi-tiered Enterprise System. Its architecture provides flexibility, extensibility and user-friendliness.


Implementation of the OnSafety™ Portal allows decision makers to better understand safety problems and make the most of allocated financial resources, optimizing safety-related investment decisions. The OnSafety™ Portal is an easy-to-use informative tool; as such, it will become the first choice for WyDOT Safety employees and other stakeholders in need of accessing, maintaining, displaying, and sharing traffic safety information.