ITIS Corporation has been awarded a contract by the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), to develop and deploy the state-wide Wyoming Map-Based Incident Geo-Locating Service (project name “WIGLS”).

Project Overview

WYDOT desires to greatly improve the accuracy and completeness of crash location data recording. To accomplish this goal, WYDOT has contracted ITIS Corporation for the development of a software service that will walk users through simple steps that capture the location of a crash event or item.

Solution Requirements

The WIGLS software will feature an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is geared toward non-technical users (i.e. law-enforcement officer, ambulance driver, EMT, etc.). It will be used to record accurate, consistent crash locations, anywhere within the State.

WIGLS will interface with existing electronic crash reporting systems already in use by Wyoming Public Safety offices; the system will rely on GIS data provided by the state. The WIGLS software will be written to optimize the crash geolocation process for specific use cases, including:

  • On-road
  • Intersection
  • Alley
  • Off-road
  • Parking lot
  • Forest Service road
  • Park Service road
  • Bureau of Land Management road
  • Bureau of and Indian Affairs road

The system will automatically provide related geolocation information through web services, for on-route names, nearest intersection, and various jurisdictions. Approximately 35 attributes will be provided for each location.


Implementation of the system will result in a more uniform approach to recording crash location data statewide.

  • Law enforcement officers using the WIGLS system will be able to quickly and confidently identify the location of the crash through an intuitive map-based user interface
  • Data associated with crash locations will be automatically loaded into crash reports
  • Users of crash data will have more accurate and reliable location data to study

The WIGLS system will remove errors from bad GPS coordinates, misidentification of street names, and more; it will assist in improving the overall process of Safety Analysis for the Wyoming DOT.